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Memasuki Cinere dari Arah Lebak Bulus, kita bertemu dengan Jalan Karang Tengah Raya, dimulai dengan - Entering Cinere from Lebak Bulus, we will start with Jalan Karang Tengah Raya and started with:

Perumahan Bumi Karang Indah,
located just before entering the Cinere Area in left hand side of Karang Tengah from Lebak Bulus or Pasar Jumat.

Villa Delima,
located just 100m after Bumi Karang Indah, on the right hand side.

Villa Cinere Mas,
located about 500m-1km after Villa Delima. On the T junction, after Masjid Keong turn right and go all the way down. This housing complex are very nice and cool places with many trees.

Perumahan Komplek AL
Located about 200 meters after the road entrance to Villa Cinere Mas.

After Komplek AL, entering the Merawan Street only about 500-800m street directly to the main Cinere Raya Street. First housing complex in Cinere Raya on right side is Puri Cinere


Fitness Center

Elka Fitness
Jl. Cinere Raya Blok D No.4 Cinere

Telp. 021-7546015, 021-7546015

Lokasi seberang Ruko Blok M, sebelum Jalan Bandung dari arah Cinere Mall, tepatnya setelah Gang Mesjid.
This fitness center located before Jalan Bandung (from Cinere Mall direction), just accross Ruko Blok M after Gang Mesjid

Cinere Mall -

Tavis, Puri Cinere

.... Fitness Jalan Raya Gandul

Thinking hard how to find time to keep your self in a good shape??

Here are some information of much better exercise you can do instead of "fingers' exercise" with your PC or notebook.

Bet you already know but anyway this should be a reminder!!

Spend some time in the FITNESS CENTER(S). May not not original idea but this would be effective and very pleasant experience as well if you are working out in some of the finest fitness centers in Jakarta.

Lets GET started!

Celebrity Fitness
In Celebrity Fitness, you could work out while experiencing the much-needed entertainment from Televisions installed on the walls.

Not necessary for you to bring your MP3 Players along as in every corner there’s a speaker voicing out music for your body to move along with, but if you have music preference than would be nicer for you to enjoy your relax time with your own preference.

Celebrity Fitness offers an impressive classes like normal aerobic, Yoga and body combat and many more. This work out-plus-entertainment concept is very effective way to attract customers enjoying themselves.

Location of Celebrity Fitness are:
Plaza Indonesia EX,
Pondok Indah Mall 2,
La Piazza,
Mal Puri Indah and
about 6 more location with recently open in FX Sudirman check on their website for more info.

Fitness First
This renowned brand of health club operator from UK has decided to spread their healthy vow in Jakarta. Not much different with Celebrity Fitness, this fitness centers also offer cardio entertainment zones and a lounge.
The equipments are fantastically brand new and you could enjoy the sauna as well. Same thing with Celebrity, this fitness center also provides numerous of classes including the one and only fitness center providing Hot Yoga classes for the members.
Fitness First also has swimming pool for their members and can be access to more than 500 Fitness First chain around the world.
Location Fitness First:
Plaza Semanggi,
Cibubur Junction,
Senayan City,
Mall Taman Anggrek and
3 more location you can check on their website

Ade Rai Clubs
For those who are seriously into body building or just planning on displaying killer abs and biceps during the summer holidays, there’s the Ade Rai Club in Senopati.This fitness and body building is owned by Indonesian bodybuilder, Ade Rai.The membership fees are sensible and the club also offers special monthly training packages in body building.

My Body Gym, Dharmawangsa Square,Alila Hotel Pecenongna, Gedung Bursa Efek Indonesia

Fit By Beat, Setiabudi. provides cafe with beauty salon

Quantum Athletic Club in The Menara Imperium, Kuningan and Clark Hatch in the Sari Pan Pacific, Thamrin, are other well equipped fitness centers available in Jakarta.

LifeSpa & Fitness Center at Saberro House Kemang

Grand Odiseous Fitness and Spa at Grand Mahakam Hotel, Novotel Mangga Dua, La PIazza Kelapa Gading

So quit complaining!! Start your exercise!!

There is NO REASON to stay back and let your tummy bigger or let your health are dropped with so many best options everywhere!

Pack up your exercise gears and start sweating up to a healthier life! Off course,

start budgeting for the fund!!

How Much?? relatively cheap vary on the range of IDR 300k - IDR 600k per month.


Florist Cinere

Florist - Jalan Cinere Raya

Florist - Jalan Cinere Raya Komplek AL

Warnet Cinere

Mineral Water dan Gas

Perlu Aqua & Gas Delivery?

Aqua & Gas
Toko Anugrah, Jalan Cinere Raya Depan Blok B

Aqua & Gas

Aqua & Gas

Peta Cinere (Cinere Map) 1

Cari Jajajan di Jakarta? Serabi? atau Makanan Khas daerah?
di Jakarta Food Map - PETA JAJAN JAKARTA

Peta Cinere (Cinere Map) 2

Cari Income Tambahan? Join Komunitas Freelancer!
Perlu driver harian? atau Guru Private? Bidang lain?
cek di Jakarta Freelancer Community
Tempat bertemu freelancer dan employer

Peta Cinere (Cinere Map) 3

Cari Kontrakan? Kost? Sewa Mobil? Apartment?
cek di
Indonesia Sewa

Peta Cinere (Cinere Map) 4

Di Jakarta? Cari Referensi Hangout di Jakarta?
check out Jakarta Reference - Travel and Food Guide

Peta Cinere (Cinere Map) 5

Stay and work in Jakarta? Legal and Tax Tips?
check out Indonesia Advisory



Depan Cambridge School

Cinere Raya - Dekat Jalan ...

Cinere Raya - Seberang Puskesmas Cinere

Cinere Raya - Seberang Multiplus Sengon

Multiplus Sengon

Sebelah Cemerlang Photography

Ruko Depan Cinere Mall

Jakarta College

Maestro Bimbel


EF English First

LIA Cinere



Gado Gado di Cinere

Gado-Gado - ruko seberang Pizza Hut depan Bank BNI (Siang)

Gado - Gado - Masjid Raya Cinere

Gado - Gado - Ruko Jalan Jakarta

Ketoprak - seberang Holland Bakery

Ketupat Sayur - seberang Holland Bakery

Juice Canafary - seberang Holland Bakery (Malam)

Tempe Mendoan - depan ruko cinere mall (Malam)

Pempek Pasar Minggu - depan ruko cinere mall (Malam)

Salon di Cinere

ELSO Salon - Cinere Mall

Jasmine Salon dh Salon Rudy - Cinere Mall

Ferry Salon - Ruko dekat Dynasti sebelah Indomaret

Anita Salon - Ruko Depan Cinere Mall

ATM di Cinere


ATM BCA - Jalan Bandung

ATM BCA - SPBU Dekat Polsek

ATM BCA - Vienna Mart

ATM BCA - Giant Cinere Mall

ATM BCA - Superindo Cinere Mall

ATM BCA - Cinere Mall

ATM BCA - Ruko Depan Cinere Mall

ATM BCA - RS Puri Cinere

ATM Mandiri:

ATM Mandiri Drive Thru - Depan RS Puri Cinere Sebrang SPBU

ATM Mandiri - Cinere Mall

ATM Mandiri - Ruko Depan Pizza Hut

ATM Mandiri - Jalan Bandung

ATM Mandiri - Komplek PLN

ATM BNI - Ruko Depan Pizza Hut

ATM BNI - Cinere Mall

ATM Danamon - Cinere Mall

ATM Mega - Ruko Depan Cinere Mall

ATM Bukopin - Cinere Mall

ATM Permata - Cinere Mall

ATM Citibank - Cinere Mall

ATM Niaga - Pelataran Parkir Cinere Mall

ATM Niaga - RS Puri Cinere

Apotik di Cinere

Apotik Kawi Jaya

Apotik K24


Nasi Uduk di Cinere

Nasi Uduk depan Indomaret Dynasti

Nasi Uduk depan Net, sebelum pos polisi

Giant - Cinere Mall

Superindo - Cinere Mall

Giant - Fatmawati Raya Dapur Susu

Giant - Pasar Jumat

Indomaret - Dynasti
Indomaret - Jalan EHAVE PLN arah Gandul
Alfamart - Jalan Bukit Cinere
Alfamart - Jalan Cinere Raya
Viena Mart - Perum Megapolitan

Laundry di Cinere


Londre - Hero Cinere Mall

Londre - Komplek AL

Londre - Jalan Bukit Cinere

Londre - Depan Talita Resto


Insca Laundry - Depan Cinere Mall

Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam On The Street

Mie Ayam AGUNG

Maybe many Cinere resident would agree if I say, Mie Agung one of the BEST Mie Ayam in Cinere. Located in Jalan Cinere Raya in front of ERHA Clinic.

In the morning, from 6am, this stall already have queing in the area, cars and motorcycles are parking on the side of the road. He will make directly 12-15 bowls at ONCE!! and not minusing the taste at all.Taste excellently nice! The noodle is so damn good, plus the sauce everything is complete! one more thing..the SAMBAL / chilli is HOT.Highly recommended place to visit! Try on weekend Sat or Sun morning, you have to wait for your turn about minimum 15 minutes plus to get your order started to be taken and prepared.

Mie Ayam Gajah Mungkur , located in front of

Mie Ayam - Blok B

Mie Ayam - Blok F, Jalan Anggrek

Mie Ayam -

Mie Ayam - Resto

Bakmi Villa,
Located in Villa Cinere Mas residential,
Phone No.

Bakmi Raya,
Located just on the T Junction of Cinere Main Street 200m from Cinere Mall
Phone No.

Bubur Ayam di Cinere

Bubur Ayam Cianjur Tea (Pagi sampai jam 11)
Depan Indomaret - Dynasti, Jalan Cinere Raya

Jenis Bubur Encer dan berkuah, Pagi masih panas mantap
Kacang kedelai, kerupuk dan lain lain pas. lebih enak makan di tempat
Nilai Rasa 8

Bubur Ayam SMD, depan Ruko Cinere Mall (Pagi) - depan Holland Bakery
Jenis Bubur Kental, tidak berkuah, hanya kecap asin, seperti bubur umumnya
Sambal Merah dan pedas, lebih enak makan di tempat.
Nilai Rasa 8

Bubur Ayam Lap Parkir depan Sari Husada (Pom Bensin) - (Malam saja)
Jenis bubur normal, kualitas lumayan
Nilai Rasa 7

Sate di Cinere

Sate Ayam & Kambing Maksudi

Sate Ayam & Kambing Depan Cinere Mall

Sate Ayam & Kambing Khas Banyumas

Soto di Cinere

Soto Pak Minto

Soto El Syifa

Soto Kudus


Bakso di Cinere

Bakso Pak De

Bakso Gajah Mungkur

Bakso Kuburan

Bank di Cinere

Bank Mandiri, Ruko Cinere Seberang Pizza Hut

Bank Permata,

Bank Panin,

Bank BNI,

Bank BCA,

Bank Bukopin,

Bank Danamon,


Jalan Cinere Raya No. , Phone 021 -
Regular Service, Car Wash, Accu, Body repair.

UMAR MOTOR, Jalan Cinere Raya No. , Phone 021 -

Bakery and Cookies

Holland Bakery, Komplek Ruko Cinere - Seberang Cinere Mall, Phone No. 021 -

Clairmont, Cinere Mall Atrium, Phone 021 -

Toko Kue Laras, Phone 021 -

Pastel Mak Cik, Phone 021 -

Monami - Karang Tengah

Resto on Cinere Raya:

Pizza Hut, Sebelah Cinere Mall, Delivery 021 - 753 0719

RM Sederhana

Radja Bakso

Bakmi Raya

Bakso Cakman

Pempek Pak Raden

Talita Resto

Resto In Cinere Mall

Cinere Mall

Hoka-Hoka Bento,
Delivery Hotline 021 - 754 6315 / 754 6314

Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Delivery Hotline 021 -

A & W, Delivery Hotline

Bakso Lapangan Tembak


at Food Court, basement

Pempek Titanic

Es Teler 77

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